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How does HAITI 1 STOP work?

HAITI 1 STOP offers a comprehensive listing of resources offered by government, non-profit or non-governmental and international agencies/organizations to individuals needing those services in order to facilitate the relief efforts towards a better Haiti; to alleviate the anxiety and fear in finding information that most families encountered as a result of Haiti Earthquake; to create partnerships among the different agencies/organizations offering common services and to provide a useful tool for foreigners to know about the resources of Haiti. Overall, HAITI 1 STOP links people with services at their fingertips. Its sleek design allows quick navigation.

Why does HAITI 1 STOP exist?

January 12, 2010 marked a day of pain and sorrow for the people of Haiti. Many families have lost their loved ones including our family and the country was left in shambles with people in need of emergency, health, nutritional, counseling, financial, shelter and sanitary services and much more. In response to the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, many families faced frustration and abandonment in identifying the right resources suitable to their specific needs during this challenging time, and HAITI 1 STOP website was developed as a free online tool to bring concise and updated information to the organizations and individuals devoted to help rebuild Haiti and restore families’ lives.

What is HAITI 1 STOP?

The website is a dynamic information platform that brings interaction among people to locate the different resources existing and to compare those resources available to the people of Haiti.

How do we choose the organizations / resources listed on our website?

All organizations / resources are found through research, conferences attended, referrals and word of mouth. Then, each organization is contacted and their profile is carefully reviewed to determine the types of services rendered to categorize them under appropriate fields. The selected organizations are then listed onto the website based on relevancy and credibility to the best of our knowledge.

Does HAITI 1 STOP have a disclaimer?

Yes, we do have a disclaimer. It states the following:
All information listed on this website is for general information purposes only. We have no affiliation and no endorsement from any of the resources / organizations listed on the website. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy for more details prior using the website. Though we are doing our best to secure our website, we are not liable for any viruses and other forms of malware that may intrude the user’s computer system including cell phones. The user is responsible to secure their own devices for preventing any malware to infect their personal data.

Is our content updated?

As information comes, we are dedicated to update our information as often as permitted. We work very hard to provide you with the best tangible information. You, the users will be our eyes and ears and we welcome your suggestions and comments for any flaws while surfing our website.

How can I use the resources on the website?

You can share using any social media tools available on our website, email and bookmark any resource information listed on HAITI 1 STOP at your convenience. Those resources are for you to share with others, to bring awareness to a specific cause, to be part of the solution by collaborating with a specific organization, to find a specific resource for your personal agenda and to explore the rebuilding process taking place in Haiti.
If there a specific resource, you would like to use as an educational tool, please contact us.

How do I share new resources / projects / events with HAITI 1 STOP?

We are grateful of your participation in making our website the ONE-STOP for current and updated information. Please refer to our contact us page and fill out the form with the subject in question. We will then contact you to verify the information received prior its listing onto our website.

How do I post my organization onto your website?

Please refer to our contact us page and fill out the form to submit your organization including a brief description of your organization and its website link if applicable and the person’s name and title and contact number submitting the information. You will be contacted by HAITI 1 STOP to verify your organization profile prior its listing.

How many staff working on our website?

Currently the co-founders are fulfilling the work. As we expand, we expect to recruit more volunteers dedicated to make an impact to the world by being part of our immediate family.

How do I invite HAITI 1 STOP at events/workshops or partner with HAITI 1 STOP?

HAITI 1 STOP welcomes any invitations for participating or for speaking engagements and any partnership on a positive level for the betterment of Haiti. Please refer to our contact us page and state your interest and we will gladly respond for a productive discussion.

How do I use specific materials including images conceptualized by HAITI 1 STOP?

HAITI 1 STOP is open to have users, other organizations and news articles to use specific materials including images conceptualized by HAITI 1 STOP only by seal of approval from us. The request should be done in writing to us via email or using our contact us page and discussion of the material in question, its purpose and applicable fees if any will follow with the contact person. We thank you for your interest in using materials conceptualized by us.

How do I use the Community page on HAITI 1 STOP?

HAITI 1 STOP Community page is an interactive feature that connects the users with and other people with common interests in helping Haiti. There are 3 modalities under the Community page:

  • Ask Haiti1Stop
    Provides a two-way dialogue between our users and HAITI 1 STOP by submitting questions and answers for a discussion platform.
  • Opinion Poll
    Offers a platform for our users to share their opinions with HAITI 1 STOP on a specific topic of interest posted by The user gets to vote and a poll survey is created.
  • Tiny Chat
    Allows our users to connect via a Video Chat with HAITI 1 STOP, other people and even their friends.

  • How do I use the Calendar page on HAITI 1 STOP?

    HAITI 1 STOP Calendar is for our users to stay in tune with what’s happening in their communities. Users need to click on a highlighted date to view the listing of events taking place for that specific date. If you know of a particular event benefiting the people of Haiti, please contact us for submission.

    How can I donate to HAITI 1 STOP?

    Currently we are not ACCEPTING any monetary donations. We will keep you posted once we are set up to provide such feature. The donations will be strictly to support our efforts in keeping our database with accurate information and bringing wonderful projects for your interests and to maintain our website running smoothly. We intend to be transparent with our donations.

    What do I do if want to sponsor HAITI 1 STOP?

    HAITI 1 STOP offers wonderful sponsorship opportunities. We welcome your support and we are grateful for believing in our objectives. Becoming a sponsor gives you a listing spot onto our website for increase visibility of your organization / company profile and for users to log onto your services; an opportunity to chat live to connect with our users and bring awareness to your cause and services; a feature in our event brochure and much more. We are all for synergy, productivity, positive messaging and sharing our knowledge with others and placing great people / organizations on the pedestal. Please refer to our contact us page to start the process of a great relationship.

    What do I do if want to advertise on HAITI 1 STOP website?

    It is simple! You need to fill out the form available on our contact us page and state your organization / company profile and the length of time to run your specific ad and you will be contacted for more information if needed with the appropriate fees. We believe we can bring your businesses at a different level of awareness. Thank you for your interest.

    What do I do if want to feature HAITI 1 STOP onto my website?

    We are certainly grateful of this great opportunity. Simply fill out the form available on our contact us page or email us at stating your interest and we will gladly respond to you for the beginning of a fulfilling journey. This opportunity will give us a greater platform not only to promote other great organizations listed on our website but also to promote our hard work in fulfilling our objectives so more people can tune in the causes that we support wholeheartedly. We thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    How do I send my suggestions for any corrections?

    We truly appreciate your comments / suggestions and please be kind to forward any concern to the staff of HAITI 1 STOP at

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