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  • American Red Cross

    Founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, the American Red Cross offers humanitarian care to the victims of war, natural disasters in a nondiscriminatory manner. Their goal is to prevent and relieve suffering worldwide by providing community services to the needy, educational programs that promote health and safety: providing international relief and development programs, blood processing and distribution for lifesaving situations.

    Click on links for their international services, domestic programs, work in Haiti, work in other  countriesinternational humanitarian law, news, publications, FAQ,  and Red Cross local chapters.

    American Red Cross National Headquarters
    2025 E Street
    Washington, DC 20006
    Phone: (800) 733-2767 or (202) 303-4498 (for public inquiries)
    Email: Visit their contact page for disaster relief, careers, and volunteerism.

    Youth Blog:

    Website supports English and Spanish languages
    Go to American Red Cross' Website

  • Centre Medico Social de Port-au-Prince (CMSP)

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    A clinic developed by Diaspora Community Services (DCS) in 2007 providing medical services to an average of 500 patients per month. Its convenient location serves the residents of Solino, Ravine Pintade and Post Marchand. CMSP strengthens the Haitian economy by employing local Haitians and purchasing goods that are grown and sold locally, and often hosts recreational activities benefiting the youth living in the community. In June of 2011, CMSP secured their license from the Haiti Ministry of Health.

    For a listing of their current needs and plans, click here.

    Targeted area: Nazon, Port-au-Prince

    Services: Primary care, pediatric care, vaccinations, gynecological care, family planning services and counseling, vaccinations, pre- and post-natal care, on- site laboratory and pharmacy and community health education programs, treatment for dehydration, pneumonia, STD - HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

    Fees: Services are free of charge.

    Centre Medico Social de Port-au-Prince
    76 Rue Nord Alexis
    Avenue Pouplard in the area of Nazon
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Clinic Director: Dumas Alcius
    Phone in Haiti: (509) 2949-0093 or (509) 3748-7582
    Phone in New York: 718-399-0200

    Go to Centre Medico Social de Port-au-Prince's Website.

  • Christianville Medical Clinic

    Though completely destroyed by the earthquake 2010 since its inception in January 2006, the clinic is still operating in a school building, managed by Haiti Health Ministries, a faith-based non-profit organization. The clinic sees 30,000 patients per year and also cooperates with the Christianville Foundation to provide free care to the 1200 students in Christianville's school system. The Clinic operates on weekdays and receives on a regular basis healthcare profession students and resident physicians to shadow clinicians while caring for patients. Patients are cared for regardless of their ability to pay. Aid is also provided to those in need who require hospital admission.

    Targeted area: Gressier, Haiti (West of Port-au-Prince)

    Staff: 15 including 4 physicians, 3 of whom are Haitians, 1 American physician’s assistant (PA) and 1 American community health nurse.

    Services: Pharmacy, sonography, primary patient care and education including treatments for intestinal parasites, diabetes, machete wounds, hypertension, malaria, dehydration, malnutrition, end stage cancers and prenatal care, radiology, laboratory and minor surgery.

    Haiti Health Ministries
    PO Box 175, 110 E. Forest
    Girard, KS 66743
    Phone: (620)-HHM-9797
    Go to Christianville Medical Clinic's Website

  • Clinique Chirurgicale Lambert Santé

    Clinique Chirurgicale Lambert Sante
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    Private institution that provides medical and surgical services to thousands of patients. The clinic collaborates with other neighboring hospitals including Canapé-Vert & Communauté Haïtienne and others to provide the best care to the people of Haiti. The clinic is well equipped to handle serious medical cases and also received a Certificate of Merit from the Haitian Ministry of Public Heath and Population for their endless efforts in treating the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Luckily, their building was not affected by the earthquake as their structure followed seismic standardization. Currently, they offer an educational program in cardiac surgery for their medical personnel (anesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons) and that is also tailored to nurses, assistants and lab techs.

    Targeted area: Pétion-Ville, Haïti (Département de l’ouest)

    Hours of Operation :

    Private doctors’ Consultations : 9am – 3pm (flexible hours)
    Laboratory : 8am – 4pm;  Clinic : Open 24hrs

    Services: Pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, maternity, surgery, gastroenterology, cardiac surgery and microsurgery, treatment for all types of pathology, burn and emergency care. Private office consultations are available in the areas of orthopedics, trauma (2nd & 3rd level), urology, obstetrics & gynecology and odontology.

    Fees: Consultations’ fees at the clinic start at 1,500 Gourdes based upon the selected doctor. Payments for surgery vary according to the type of surgery needed.

    Current Needs: Medicine, alcohol, compress, solutions and other medical supplies

    Clinique Chirurgicale Lambert Santé
    # 75, Rue Lambert
    Pétion-Ville, Haïti
    Phone in Haiti: (509) 3706-8306 / (509) 4651-9435
    Phone in Haiti: (509) 3702-3646 (calling from overseas)
    Medical Director: Dr Margaret Degand
    Administrator: Mr Musset Damour

    No Website Available.

  • Croix-Rouge Canadienne- Haiti

    The Canadian Red Cross is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. Click on links for their employment & donations, publications, and news.

    Bureau de la Croix-Rouge Canadienne
    Siège social
    170, rue Metcalfe, bureau 300
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2P 2P2
    Phone: (613) 740-1900 / (800) 418-1111 (toll free)
    Fax: (613) 740-1911
    Email: Visit their contact page

    Twitter: @redcrosscanada
    YouTube: Canadian Red Cross Channel

    Website supports French and English languages
    Go to Croix-Rouge Canadienne-Haiti 's Website

  • Croix-Rouge Française

    The French Red Cross is a nonprofit organization of volunteers and employees dedicated to serving the communities in need in the areas of international relief, disaster response and health, social, medical and education.  Click on links for their activities,  resources,  organization structure, history, news, FAQ and about International Humanitarian Law or Droit International Humanitaire (DIH).

    Croix-Rouge Française
    98 rue Didot
    75694 Paris Cedex 14
    Phone: 01 44 43 11 00
    Fax: 01 44 43 11 01
    Email: Visit their contact page

    Website supports French language
    Go to Croix-Rouge Française's Website

  • Croix-Rouge Haitienne

    The Haitian Red Cross is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people affected by natural disasters, accidents or any other humanitarian tragedy regardless of their age, legal or economic status, health or mental state. They are in the forefront of disaster response, emergency care, health and blood processing.

    Click on links for their activities, organizational structure, employment, publications  and reports on Strategie Croix-Rouge Haitienne 2010 – 2015  and Croix-Rouge Haitienne 2011.

    Contact Contact

    Croix-Rouge Haïtienne
    Avenue Maïs Gate. HT 6110
    En face de Avis Camp de Base
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Phone: (509) 2519-0702
    Fax: (509) 2943-0279
    Email: or visit their contact page
    YouTube: Croix-Rouge Haïtienne Channel

    Croix-Rouge Haitienne
    1, Rue Eden
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Contact for Société Nationale de la Croix-Rouge Haïtienne Contact for Haitian Red Cross Society 

    1, rue du Muguet
    Route de Desprez 7
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti HT 6112

    Postal Address:
    CRH - B.P. 1337
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Facebook:  Société Nationale de la Croix-Rouge Haïtienne

    Same address as Croix Rouge Haitienne
    Phone: (509) 2222 -5554/ (509) 2221-8212 or 8213 / (509) 2221-2388
    Fax: (509) 2221- 2838
    Facebook: Haitian Red Cross Society

    Website supports French language
    Go to Croix-Rouge Haitienne's Website

  • Lamp for Haiti

    Category: health care, human rights

    Non-governmental (NGO), not-for-profit and humanitarian organization founded in 2006 by Thomas Griffin, Esq. and James Morgan, MD that focuses on Health Care and Human Rights. To stay informed of their immediate needs including volunteers, click here.

    Targeted area: Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince

    Product: Cite Soleil Health Clinic

    Services: The medical clinic staff sees 700 patients per month and the clinic operates 3 days a week. Several diseases are treated at the facility such as tuberculosis, diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, acute respiratory illness, malaria, malnutrition, and minor trauma.

    Fees: Services are provided free of charge.

    Lamp for Haiti Foundation
    P.O. Box 39703
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    Phone: (267) 295-2822 or email.
    Go to Lamp for Haiti's Website

  • Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission

    Category: medical clinics, housing, schools, road repairs, nutrition and more.

    Faith-based organization that serves St. Michel area of the Northern Haiti through education and medical services.

    Targeted area: St Michel, Northern Haiti

    Products: Camathe Medical Clinic (started in July 2003) and L’attalaye Medical Clinic

    9300 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 103
    Miami, FL 33156
    Phone: (305) 670- 1181 or email.
    Fax: (305) 670 -1190
    Go to Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission's Website

  • Sové Lavi

    Category: medical care, education, nutrition, clothing

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    see more pictures
    Nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of people affected by poverty in Haiti. Sové Lavi provides medical care, clean water, education, nutritional services and clothing. They are diligent in partnering with other organizations to build schools and wells. Their long term goals include building an eye care facility in the Artibonite Valley and a birthing center at Pont Sondé. Their full time medical clinic works with nearby hospitals: HAS (Hospital Albert Schweitzer / Deschapelles and HSN (Hospital Saint-Nicolas / St. Marc).

    Targeted area: Pont Sondé, Haiti

    Product: Centre Médical Dumarsais M. Siméus (clinic founded in 2001)

    Staff: 10 employees (including doctors, nurse, lab tech)

    Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8am to 4pm

    Services: Clinic sees on average 10,000 patients per year and provides primary care, preventive care, pediatric care, maternal care (pre- and post-natal care), immunizations, blood work, emergency care, dental care and eye care.

    Fees: Services are provided at a fee of $0.67 cents (US).

    Current needs: Medicine, lab test, dental care tools

    Contact for Clinic in Haiti
    Henry Edly Jean
    Centre Médical Dumarsais M. Siméus
    94 Latour, Pont Sondé, Route Nationale # 1
    Pont Sondé, Haiti
    Phone: (509) 3746-4717 / (509) 3441-5215
    Contact for Sové Lavi
    President: Kimberly Siméus
    401 N. Carroll Avenue Suite 124
    Southlake, TX 76092
    Phone: (817) 239-7298

    Go to Sové Lavi's Website.

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