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  • Action Humanitaire (AH)

    An outreach organization committed to providing free health care services to children and adults in the community of Cavaillon and its surrounding villages. Since 2010, AH has been in the forefront of educating the communities about cholera, distributing water purification tablets and feeding about 400 children thanks to its partnership with other humanitarian organizations.

    This organization was founded by Jude Leandre, a medical student at the Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy of the University of the State of Haiti, who saw a need to educate the community to better care of themselves. AH’s goal is to build a public health center to improve the living conditions of the people of Anotte in Cavaillon, by providing free access to basic and quality healthcare while reducing the mortality rate. This project would also benefit other regional communities like Bercy, Cassignol, Berette, Mission and Mapangue.

    Areas of service: Community health center, outreach projects, water purification, humanitarian, women & children health, prenatal care, disaster response, vaccinations, free lab testing, free access to medications.

    Targeted area in Haiti: Cavaillon

    Action Humanitaire
    Anotte, Deuxième Section de Cavaillon
    Arrondissement, Sud d’Haïti
    Phone in Haiti: (509)-3472-6161
    Phone International: (617)777-4363

    Website currently unavailable

  • Canadian Association Midwives (CAM)

    CAM is the national organization representing midwives and the profession of midwifery in Canada. Their mission is to provide leadership and advocacy for midwifery as a regulated, publicly funded and vital part of the primary maternity care system in all provinces and territories. CAM’s vision is to have every woman in Canada access to a midwife’s care for herself and her baby.

    The Ghislaine Francoeur Fund was launched in 2008 by the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) in partnership with the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health (CFWH). The Fund was established in the name of Madame Ghislaine Francoeur, midwife and educator at the École Nationale d’Infirmieres Sages-Femmes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to contribute in the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, and to promote the development of midwifery and of midwifery education in Haiti.

    Click on the specific links for information about Midwifery practice ; Resources and Midwifery locations and regulations; Midwifery in Canada; Midwifery employment ; Membership; and Canadian Journal of midwifery research and Supporting Midwifery in Haiti.

    For website in French, click here.

    Contact for Head Office (Montreal, QC):
    Canadian Association Midwives (CAM)
    59 Riverview
    Montréal, Québec
    H8R 3R9
    Phone: (514) 807-3668
    Fax: (514) 738-0370
    Email: or visit their contact page

    Website supports French and English languages.
    Go to Canadian Association Midwives' Website

  • CapraCare

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    Founded in 2009, this nonprofit community health organization addresses the health concerns of the residents of Fonfrede by promoting school-based health programs and preventive health care. They rely on their volunteers in Haiti and overseas to achieve productivity in their services and their trainings. According to CapraCare, they stand as the only Haitian non-governmental organization located within Fonfrede to address the lack of access to any preventive care and to any other medical facility in the city. Everyone has access to their services regardless of their ability to pay. Their extensive programs help the community at large to overcome the physical, psychosocial and environmental needs that arise from the difficult living conditions in Haiti. CapraCare has a mission to stay efficient in their operations by collaborating with other medical facilities and health care providers to solve issues faced by the people of Fonfrede.

    Currently, CapraCare provides services to approximately 1,500 people annually. They welcome anyone interested in volunteering their pro-bono services in the areas of grant writing, marketing, fundraising, resource developing and Haitian Creole translation to send an inquiry to

    For their programs, click here. To get involved, click here

    Areas of service: School-based health program, Nutrition education, Preventive health education, Pediatric care services, Mental health support, Community volunteer training & Youth health leadership programs and Earthquake relief.

    Targeted area in Haiti: Fonfrede, Haiti (Les Cayes)

    Contact in USA Contact in Haiti
    CapraCare, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1408
    New York, NY 10276
    Phone: (347) 723-1405
    Email: or visit their contact page
    Twitter: @CapraCare
    CapraCare Haiti
    Fonfrede, en face La Madone
    Sur route Legliz Catholic St Louis
    Phone(509) 3401-0224
    Program Manager: Janine Leger

    Go to CapraCare's Website

  • Energies Psy Sans Frontières (EPsySF)

    Energy Psychology Without Borders is a non-profit humanitarian association created by mental health professionals who use energy psychology techniques in their practice to heal physical and mental suffering. Their goal is to initiate and deliver care free of charge to people who are suffering.  Following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, EPsySF began training people free-of-charge in Haiti and in countries devastated by natural disasters or war, to benefit populations suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Click on links for energy psychology, their work in Haiti, and how to become a member.

    44, rue Masséna
    69006 LYON
    Phone: 04 78 26 29 04

    Website supports both French and English languages
    Go to Energies Psy Sans Frontière's Website

  • Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc. (FANM) / Haitian Women of Miami, Inc.

    Founded in 1991, FANM is a private, nonprofit organization located in Little Haiti, Florida committed to serving the needs of low income women and families, as well as victims of abuse, violence and discrimination through their outreach programs, health education, advocacy and counseling. This advocacy and social service agency wants to empower women in different aspects of their lives to better their quality of life. For their membership application, click here.

    Areas of service: Adult Education & Literacy, Community Economic Development, Health Promotion & Prevention, Youth Development & Leadership, Immigration advocacy, Family Intervention.

    Targeted areas in U.S.: Little Haiti, South Florida

    Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc (FANM)
    Haitian Women of Miami, Inc
    181 N.E. 82nd Street
    Miami, Florida 33138
    Phone: (305) 756-8050
    Fax: (305) 756-8150

    Go to Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc's Website

  • Haiti Medical Education (HME) Project

    A non-profit organization committed to supporting and improving the medical education system in Haiti by working closely with Haitian medical leadership, faculty and students. Created after January 2010 earthquake, HME’s goal is to work towards restoring and building upon the infrastructure and curriculum of Haitian medical schools and teaching hospitals, and ensuring that the next generation of Haitian doctors and medical leaders are ready to care for Haiti. The HME Project focuses on three main areas: Curriculum Development, Distance Learning and Continuing Medical Education (CME).

    For an overview on their projects, click here. To get involved, click here.

    Mailing Address for donations
    HME Project
15 Warren Street, Suite 25

    Hackensack, NJ 07601
    Email: or visit their contact page

    Go to Haiti Medical Education Project's Website

  • Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) – Greater New York

    A non-profit voluntary association whose mission is to establish a diverse group of health care professionals who are willing to volunteer their professional skills, time and resources to serve, educate and support the Haitian American and other minority communities. HANA is also known as a non-governmental organization (NGO) bringing urgency care to the people of Haiti. Click on specific links for  membership, travel information, and P.I.H information.

    Focus areas: Nursing/Medical relief mission to Haiti, Nursing support groups to local communities in the United States, Community health fairs, Nursing enhancement programs, Nursing care & support in disaster relief situations, Immunization drives, and Student nurse support programs.

    Email: or send an online message

    Go to Haitian American Nurses Association's Website

  • Haitian Organization Program for Education and Health (HOPEH)

    Founded in 1988, HOPEH is a nonprofit, spiritual, organization committed to strengthening the lives of Haitians residing in the Juampas, a village situated near the City of Lascahobas, in the North East part of Haiti. HOPEH is the only NGO working in Juampas and provides the villagers with education, medical care, and clean water program. Click the specific links for their current programs, needs, volunteer travel package, and how to get involved.

    Projects location: Juampas

    Focus areas: Primary school (grades 1 to 6), Medical clinic, Dental clinic, Soup kitchen project, Water filtration projects with the Carroll Country Haiti Mission Project (CCHMP), Mosquito netting project.

    Contact in USA Contact in Haiti
    743 Washington Ave NE, Suite D
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 355-3111
    Email: or visit their contact page
    1 Route National #3 Juampas
    Lascahobas, Haiti

    Go to Haitian Organization Program for Education and Health's Website

  • Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)

    MEDICC is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the U.S., Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes. Founded in 1997, their experience taught them that health care in the United States and developing countries – especially for underserved populations – can be informed by Cuba’s singular and evolving health practices, research and policies. MEDICC also sees that the US experience in medicine and medical research can also inform practice in Cuba and the developing world. Thus, they believe that such cooperation is urgently needed to radically improve global health and achieve the birthright of health for all worldwide.

    MEDICC’s mission is to support education and development of human resources in health committed to equitable access and quality care, and to provide the Cuban experience to inform global debate, practice, policies and cooperation in health.

    Click on the specific links for information about Resources, Programs, International Journal of Cuban Health and Medicine, Cuba health reports, Haitian Medical Students in Cuba, U.S. Medical Students in Cuba and the Latin American Medical School (ELAM).

    Medical Education cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)
    1814 Franklin Street, Suite 500
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Phone: (510) 350-3052
    Email: Visit their contact page
    Twitter: @mediccglobal
    MEDICC [address for business correspondence and donations]
    P.O. Box 361449
    Decatur, GA 30036
    Phone: (678) 904-8092

    Go to Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba's Website.

  • New York Black Nurses Association (NYBNA)

    Founded in 1971, NYBNA is a professional organization of African American nurses in the New York City area whose mission is to bring change and awareness in the health care issues faced within the Black communities. The organization collaborates with other healthcare associations / organizations to fulfill their vision and their membership extends to all nurses both RN and LPN and nursing students.

    Click on specific links for their services, upcoming events, news, and membership application.

    Focus areas: Campaign for social justice & healthcare issues, Community outreach, Health/safety teachings, Screenings & referrals, Recruiting black fellows into nursing, Forum for job information.

    New York Black Nurses Association, Inc
    P.O. Box 3635
    Grand Central Station
    New York, NY 10163
    Phone: (212) 517-1997

    Go to New York Black Nurses Association's Website

  • Queens County Black Nurses Association, Inc (QCBNA)

    This organization was established in 1980 to improve the quality of health care for Black Americans and other minorities in the United States.  Their ultimate goals are to investigate, define, and determine the health care needs of Black Americans and other minorities; and to implement changes in the health care system to promote greater accessibility, quality and equality in the delivery of health care. QCBNA, Inc. is comprised of nurses and student nurses from Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    Click on specific links for their projects & programs, events, membership application

    Queens County Black Nurses Association, Inc
    P.O. Box 196
    Cambria Heights, NY 11411
    Phone: (202) 427-8966
    Email: or visit their contact page

    Go to Queens County Black Nurses Association, Inc's Website

  • The Haiti Education Alliance (THEA)

    Christian non-profit organization committed to serving the children, people with disabilities and the elderly in Haiti by promoting advocacy and awareness, bringing sustainable solutions and by partnering with local skilled workers to strengthen these communities. THEA provides tuition assistance to students at the primary/ secondary, vocational/ college levels; community projects for children with hands-on learning experience in agriculture/ gardening, sewing classes, mechanical instruction, and more. THEA plans to provide health education such as rehabilitation services in Haiti by empowering men and women to pursue such education in vocational school and college.

    For an overview of their projects, click here. To get involved, click here.

    The Haiti Education Alliance

    48 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075
    Phone: (888) 479- 8432 (toll free) or (973) 233-4100
    Email: or visit their contact page

    Go to The Haiti Education Alliance's Website

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