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  • American Red Cross

    Founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, the American Red Cross offers humanitarian care to the victims of war, natural disasters in a nondiscriminatory manner. Their goal is to prevent and relieve suffering worldwide by providing community services to the needy, educational programs that promote health and safety: providing international relief and development programs, blood processing and distribution for lifesaving situations.

    Click on links for their international services, domestic programs, work in Haiti, work in other  countriesinternational humanitarian law, news, publications, FAQ,  and Red Cross local chapters.

    American Red Cross National Headquarters
    2025 E Street
    Washington, DC 20006
    Phone: (800) 733-2767 or (202) 303-4498 (for public inquiries)
    Email: Visit their contact page for disaster relief, careers, and volunteerism.

    Youth Blog:

    Website supports English and Spanish languages
    Go to American Red Cross' Website

  • Croix-Rouge Canadienne- Haiti

    The Canadian Red Cross is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. Click on links for their employment & donations, publications, and news.

    Bureau de la Croix-Rouge Canadienne
    Siège social
    170, rue Metcalfe, bureau 300
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2P 2P2
    Phone: (613) 740-1900 / (800) 418-1111 (toll free)
    Fax: (613) 740-1911
    Email: Visit their contact page

    Twitter: @redcrosscanada
    YouTube: Canadian Red Cross Channel

    Website supports French and English languages
    Go to Croix-Rouge Canadienne-Haiti 's Website

  • Croix-Rouge Française

    The French Red Cross is a nonprofit organization of volunteers and employees dedicated to serving the communities in need in the areas of international relief, disaster response and health, social, medical and education.  Click on links for their activities,  resources,  organization structure, history, news, FAQ and about International Humanitarian Law or Droit International Humanitaire (DIH).

    Croix-Rouge Française
    98 rue Didot
    75694 Paris Cedex 14
    Phone: 01 44 43 11 00
    Fax: 01 44 43 11 01
    Email: Visit their contact page

    Website supports French language
    Go to Croix-Rouge Française's Website

  • Croix-Rouge Haitienne

    The Haitian Red Cross is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people affected by natural disasters, accidents or any other humanitarian tragedy regardless of their age, legal or economic status, health or mental state. They are in the forefront of disaster response, emergency care, health and blood processing.

    Click on links for their activities, organizational structure, employment, publications  and reports on Strategie Croix-Rouge Haitienne 2010 – 2015  and Croix-Rouge Haitienne 2011.

    Contact Contact

    Croix-Rouge Haïtienne
    Avenue Maïs Gate. HT 6110
    En face de Avis Camp de Base
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Phone: (509) 2519-0702
    Fax: (509) 2943-0279
    Email: or visit their contact page
    YouTube: Croix-Rouge Haïtienne Channel

    Croix-Rouge Haitienne
    1, Rue Eden
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Contact for Société Nationale de la Croix-Rouge Haïtienne Contact for Haitian Red Cross Society 

    1, rue du Muguet
    Route de Desprez 7
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti HT 6112

    Postal Address:
    CRH - B.P. 1337
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Facebook:  Société Nationale de la Croix-Rouge Haïtienne

    Same address as Croix Rouge Haitienne
    Phone: (509) 2222 -5554/ (509) 2221-8212 or 8213 / (509) 2221-2388
    Fax: (509) 2221- 2838
    Facebook: Haitian Red Cross Society

    Website supports French language
    Go to Croix-Rouge Haitienne's Website

  • Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) Haiti

    A 130-bed referral hospital founded in 1956 that receives patients from 4 community HAS health centers as well as health centers operated by the Ministry of Health (MSPP), and other volunteer organizations. HAS provides hospital care for over 300,000 people living within the 610 square mile service and approximately half of the hospital’s (average daily census of 130) inpatients are children. The hospital operates 4 freestanding health centers in its service areas, which provide preventive care, such as growth monitoring and immunizations, and primary health services. Their 12-bassinet neonatal special care unit is usually filled to capacity, providing support to preterm infants. To get in touch with the management team staff of HAS, click here. Click on the current needs to find how you can help. For volunteer opportunities offered at the facility, click here.

    Location: Artibonite Valley of central Haiti

    Capacity: 130- bed hospital, 12- bassinet neonatal special care unit

    Staff: 14 physicians, 50 nurses and international volunteers selected on a pre-scheduled basis dependent on the clinical needs of patients.

    Patient flow: The hospital typically receives more than 100 outpatients each day.

    Services: Surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and high-risk maternity care, diagnostic services with X-ray and laboratory analyses. In addition, it offers physical rehabilitation and prosthetics services for amputees in the Hanger Clinic, following the January 2010 earthquake.

    Contacts in Haiti:
    Dr. Ian G. Rawson PhD (Managing Director)
    Phone Haiti cell: (509) 3876-1655
    Phone U.S cell: (412) 260-9480
    Skype: ian.haiti

    Dr. Silvia Ernst, M.D. (Medical Director)
    Phone Haiti cell: (509) 3890-1667

    Contact in U.S:
    Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti
    P.O. Box 81046
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
    Phone: (412) 361-5200

    Go to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer's Website

  • Hôpital de la Communauté Haïtienne (HCH)

    Built in 1984, the Haitian Community Hospital was created by Haitian Health and Education Foundation (FHASE), a non-government and non-profit foundation registered in the U.S. The 75-bed inpatient hospital offers public health programs, outpatient clinics, and quality care and has served more than 80,000 people annually. HCH is accessible to the most disadvantaged sections of the area mainly from the communities of Pétion-Ville and Delmas. Click on links for hospital updates and how to become a FHASE Voting Member

    Location: Route de Frères Pétion-Ville, Haïti

    Capacity: 75-bed inpatient hospital including Pavilion1 [9-bed obstetrics room, 10-bed with 2 pediatric rooms, 5-bed male patient & 5-bed female patient rooms, 2 semi-private rooms of 4 beds, 3-bed surgical room] and Pavilion 2 [10 private rooms with 1 to 2 beds with fan, A/C & bathroom]; 1 labor/delivery room, 1 recovery room with 2 beds attached to the operating room and 1 sonography room.

    Outpatient clinics: Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Urology, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Dermatology, Surgery & Dental.

    Administration: 1 general director, 1 medical director, 1 director of operations, 1 chief financial officer, staff for logistics & admission services.

    Hospital staff: 48 doctors, 48 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 12 lab technicians, 3 radiology technicians.

    Patient flow: 100 patients per month for hospitalizations. 1500 patients per month for outpatient clinics.

    Services: 24-hour emergency care, ambulance services, 24-hour radiology, 24-hour pharmacy, 24-hour intensive care, laboratory, pelvic & abdominal sonography, outpatient clinics located in the hospital, preventative health programs, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, immunization campaigns, health fairs on AIDS awareness & prevention, family planning, pre- and post-natal care, newborn care, re-hydration clinic, acute care, general surgery, orthopedic & eye surgery.

    Cost of Services: Outpatient clinics: Gynecology $4.76, Urology $7.14, Ophtalmology $7.14, Dental clinic $4.76, Internal medicine $4.76, ORL$ 9.52, Surgery $4.76. Hospital visits for preventative care are free of charge.

    Hospital deliveries: Normal delivery [shared room $220, semi-private room $507, private room $722] and C-section delivery [shared room $595, semi-private room $1190, private room $1548].

    Hours of Operation: Hospital services are offered 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Outpatient clinics open from 8am to 2pm.

    Current Needs: X-ray machine with image intensifier (GHARM device), central oxygenating system, anesthetic devices.


    L’Hôpital de la Communauté Haïtienne
    Rue Audant, Rte de Frères, Frères
    Pétion-Ville, Haïti
    Phone: (509) 2816-1663 / (509) 2816-1212
    Email: or or visit contact page
    Blog :
    Facebook: HCHpage
    Flickr 2010 photos:

    Contact for HCH Administration: (509) 2816-1313
    Contact for Urgent Care: (509) 2816-1212
    Contact for Marketing & Public Relations: (509) 4811-9024

    Contact for FHASE:
    Haitian Health and Education Foundation (FHASE)
    2320 NW 102nd Place
    Miami, FL 33172

    Go to L’Hôpital de la Communauté Haïtienne's Website

  • Hôpital Sacré Coeur (HSC)

    Hôpital Sacré Coeur is a full service, tertiary care medical center and official Haitian referral center funded by CRUDEM Foundation, Inc . The 73-bed hospital has provided uninterrupted service for the past 25 years. It is known to be the largest private hospital in the North of Haiti operating one of the few Prosthetic Laboratories in Haiti; a rare-for-Haiti oxygen generating system that provides the hospital’s ICU and other critical care programs; a neo-natal unit and advanced communication systems that allow for fast medical consults with leading U.S. medical professionals and providing public health services to the region’s population of 225,000. For volunteer opportunities, click here. Click on the link for their current needs. For job opportunities offered at the facility, click here.

    Location: Milot, Haiti

    Capacity: 73-bed for inpatients including an outpatient clinic, full maternity, a pediatric wing, and a complete laboratory

    Staff: 2 full-time internists, 2 general practitioners, 2 family practitioners, 2 full-time and one part-time pediatricians, 1 part-time and 3 full-time obstetricians, 1 part-time ophthalmologist, 2 part-time surgeons, 3 anesthetist nurses, 3 pharmacists, 1 dentist, 1 psychologist and 3 full-time residents, 90 nurses at different levels and 13 technicians for the lab. In total, the hospital currently employs 247 people including 215 full-time and 32 part-time.

    Patient flow: 23 children per day on an average in their nutrition center; 100-200 patient visits per week in their mobile clinic and covers 8 sites for 5-6 hours a day.

    Services: Nutrition center; mobile clinic servings 100-200 patients visits per week services, immunizations and vaccinations , health education programs for outpatients with specific illnesses, HIV testing and counseling primary care services, blood bank, community health services for tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, diabetes and more.

    Dr. Harold Previl (Medical Director)
    Phone: (509) 3848-5808

    Dr. Joni Paterson
    Phone: (413) 642-0450

    By mail:
    CRUDEM Foundation, Inc. / Hôpital Sacré Coeur
    362 Sewall Street PO Box 804, Ludlow, MA 01056

    Go to Hôpital Sacré Coeur's Website

  • Hôpital Saint-Antoine de Jérémie

    Saint Antoine Hospital of Jeremie is a public hospital founded in 1923 serving the residents of Bordes, Jeremie as well as patients from nearby clinics. They have no birthing center and no ambulance. The hospital suffered minor damages in their roof post 2010 earthquake. They are in need of medical equipment and materials for their daily operations.

    Location: Avenue Emile Roumer, Bordes, Jeremie, Haiti

    Capacity: Hospital includes a 40-bed maternity

    Staff: 10 MDs, 35 nurses, 12 lab tech, 1 surgeon, 1 OBGYN, 1 pediatrician, 7 generalists, 2 midwives. Staff is fluent in French and Creole except for medical director who speaks 3 languages.

    Patient flow: More than 1000 patients per month

    Services: All types of services including immunizations, blood work, x-ray, ultrasound, physical therapy and maternity, emergency care and intensive care. Services can be limited in other areas of healthcare provision due to lack of staff and materials. All types of illnesses are treated including UTI.

    Cost of Services: Surgeries cost 2,000 Haitian Gourdes or $50 US dollars. Deliveries and C-sections are free.

    Hours of Operation: Hospital operates 24/7 and outpatients are seen Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm.

    Contact in Haiti:
    Dr. Jean Marie Duvilaire (Medical Director)
    Phone: (509) 3604-9768 / (509) 3733-1104

    Mr. Gilbert Pamphile (Administrator)
    Phone: (509) 3460-9041

    Website: Not available

  • Saint Damien Hospital

    St. Damien Hospital is the premier pediatric hospital in Haiti and provides all services free of charge. It is funded through donations from benefactors all over the world, primarily in Europe and the United States. The hospital provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children. More than half of all patients are admitted for an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV while 25 percent are admitted for illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and kidney infection. The outpatient clinic treats 100 children daily, for acute, parasitic, and bacterial infections.

    Location: Tabarre, Haiti

    Capacity: 120- bed including 18-bed emergency unit, 10-bed pediatric ICU and 9-bed cancer center.

    Hospital staff: 18 pediatricians, 50 nurses and 60 certified nursing assistants, 8 lab technicians, 1 x-ray technician and 3 x-ray auxiliary technicians. The hospital’s pharmacy is headed by a trained pharmacist and 22 pharmacy technicians are overseen by an international volunteer pharmacist.

    Maternity staff: 56 including 8 obstetrician/gynecologists, 7 anesthesiologists and 12 midwives.

    Surgery staff: 15 including 2 doctors, 4 nurses, 2 certified nursing assistants and 3 technicians who were trained in Italy.

    Patient flow: Over 30,000 children are seen annually. For a close up view by hospital department, click here.

    Services: Laboratory tests including sickle cell testing and HIV testing, pediatric vaccinations, digital x-rays, pharmacy, high risk maternity program, surgery, tuberculosis program, malnutrition program, neonatology program and outpatient public health program, dental clinic to children and adults available 5 days a week. Non-emergency surgery is performed Monday through Friday while emergency surgery is performed 7 days a week.

    Contact: For any questions, email

    Go to Saint Damien Hospital's Website

  • St Boniface Hospital

    Founded by St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, the hospital was built in 1992 offering both inpatient and outpatient care. The hospital is accredited by Haiti’s Ministry of Health and works in partnership with the Haitian state and other non-governmental organizations and over 250,000 people in rural Haiti are dependent of the facility’s services. Satellite clinics and mobile outreach programs extend the hospital’s reach to outlying areas. U.S. surgical teams from Jacksonville, Florida, travel to the hospital 6-8 time per year performing hundreds of surgeries. Though the hospital does not have the capability to treat all patients, those with medical conditions that cannot be treated are referred to other hospitals in Port-au-Prince and in the U.S. for further treatment. Click on the current needs to find how you can help.

    Location: Fond des Blancs, Haiti

    Capacity: 60- bed

    Staff: Approximately 150 employees and the satellite clinics are staffed with 1 doctor and 2 nurses.

    Patient flow: Approximately 50,000 patients were seen for FY 2007-2208.

    Services: 24-hour emergency room and ambulance services, obstetrical and pediatric services, an operating room and a dental clinic, immunization clinics for children. The hospital also offers healthcare and educational programs in nutrition, women and children’s health, HIV/AIDS and general surgery.

    St. Boniface Haiti Foundation
    400 North Main St.
    Randolph, MA 02368
    Phone: (781) 963-7243

    Go to St Boniface Hospital's Website

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